Shoppers use the Internet to find the best deals, to avoid the crowds and have a wide choice of products to buy. However, having a website full of choice isn’t enough. Customers shopping online still care about the experience and the level of customer service they receive.

Additional staff and long days are usually needed behind the scenes, but life can be made much easier for the business by using automation. It’s not only the business that benefits either; customer service is also improved with automation. Here are a few areas that benefit from removing the manual labour and replacing it with automation, available through Orbis.

1. Recognise your customers by using personalisation in all communications. Surprisingly, only 70% of retailers use personalisation, so get ahead of your competitors and connect with your customers.

2. Schedule your campaigns throughout the holidays, so you can spend some precious time relaxing and spending time with the family. The last thing you (or your staff) will want to be doing on Christmas Day is pushing the send button on your campaigns, so automate it instead.

3. Automatic emails to those interacting with your website, whether they place an order, sign up to your newsletter or creating an account. These are action triggers that can be set up to send an automatic email or a series of emails, depending on your preferences and the action that’s been taken.

4. Purchase and delivery confirmations help to make the customer feel like they are being taken care of and let them know when they can expect their goods to arrive. All of these emails, along with the communications behind the scenes to your stock room, couriers and so on, can all be automated.

5. Take care of those abandoned carts and try to secure the transaction. Emails are commonly sent to those customers that take the time to place items in their baskets, yet who flee before checking out. Abandoned cart emails can be fully automated and you can use these emails to encourage the sale, perhaps with an exclusive discount, a free delivery code or limited stock alerts.

Automation is a useful way of saving you time while improving customer service at the same time. We’ll take care of setting up your systems for you; all you need to do is give us a call to discuss your needs.