Why Orbis?

Many ecommerce owners and managers still don’t realise that it’s possible to improve business operations to run a more efficient online shop with Orbis. Instead the managers stick to using business processes include long and drawn out tasks, costing the company money and taking up the valuable time of the employees. Customers are left having to deal with a slow system, finding it difficult to know when to expect delivery, track their orders and waiting a long time to have questions or complaints handled.

Save Time, Money and Improve Customer Experiences in One Step

There’s no need to have an employee working around the clock to capture orders. You don’t have to wake up and riffle through emails in order to respond to customers who need assistance.  All of the business processes and operations, including tasks such as email marketing, accounting, delivery confirmation, stock updates, updating couriers and more can be integrated together using Orbis TaskCentre. When integrated, the system runs automatically, sending the right information to the correct departments, employees and customers without the need for human actions.

What is Orbis TaskCentre?

Orbis is a Business Process Management Suite.  Integration of your business processes is just one of the capabilities of this software. The other ways you can benefit include creating and maintaining workflows to optimise the productivity of each of your employees, automate the creation and the distribution of multiple documents including email marketing, order processing and so on. Update your website automatically using the web content publishing tools; receive alerts in real time, to name just a few. Please get in touch if there’s anything you’re unsure of or that you’d like to have explained in greater detail.

We Do the Hard Work for You

We’re ready to help you find the right solutions that will benefit your ecommerce business. Using Orbis TaskCentre we’ll perform all the steps you need to build, create and maintain the capabilities that will benefit your business.

Get in touch today and we’ll find the right solutions for your business.