Problems Caused by Lack of eCommerce Integration

Most businesses, both B2B and B2C, have now accepted that they need to provide an online solution to their customers. Online retail stores are expected, even for those brands that are comfortable and well-known in a more traditional brick and mortar setting. These ecommerce stores help the business to remain competitive and provide customers with more options that allow them to buy in a fashion that is compatible with their lifestyle. The problem is that many businesses fail to integrate the ecommerce store with the other business functions such as inventory control and accounting. As a result problems arise, causing issues for the employees and the customers.

Problems caused by failure to integrate ecommerce stores with other business functions include:

* Backlogs

* Out of stock issues

* Lack of real time data

* Slow customer service

* Delivery delays

* Unsatisfied customers

* Inefficient use of time and money

Many of the eCommerce platforms come with multiple features helping businesses to gain traction in the search engines, increase traffic and conversion rates. These are positives but they result in more work for the back office that becomes inundated with administrative duties. The efficiency of the office and general running of the eCommerce store can be improved with integration.

Automating tasks that would usually demand manual repetitive data processing results in a more efficient office that is able to deal with a rise in demand while reducing errors and improving the customer experience. Problems with backlogs, out of stocks and order processing are eliminated and employees are able to access critical real time information and improve the workflow thanks to automating admin tasks. As a result it is possible to achieve a significant ROI and concentrate on expanding the business rather than sweating over data input, unhappy customers and processing errors.

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