Marketers have a difficult job and often have little to no assistance during seasonal peaks. Marketers have to cope with the increase of campaigns along with the usual tasks that include monitoring, creating, testing, modifying, execution and so on. Automation is an essential add-on that makes marketing more manageable and it’s perfect to us alongside ecommerce platforms such as Magento.  But how does it help and how can your ecommerce business make good use of automation by using Orbis TaskCentre?

Marketing automation works perfectly with ecommerce as it detects the action of the consumer and provides the necessary response from the retailer without any input from the marketer. It saves a lot of time and allows the marketers time to concentrate on other areas without getting tied down in the back and forth of emails. The consumers are still getting an excellent service as their needs are met without delay.

Here are a few tips to help you create simple marketing automation to assist you all year-round and not just during busy periods.

  1. All automation programs need to be personalised to the consumer. The addition of a name can make all the difference to the customer and the way they feel they’re being treated.
  2. Include dynamic content that gives the consumer information about merchandise that fits in with their personal preferences.
  3. Schedule campaigns in advance, particularly useful to cover staff absences or for use during holidays.
  4. Set up action triggers that will automatically send out the appropriate email or sequence of emails required for the action that has been taken. Actions could include subscribing to your mailing list, making purchases or asking a question.
  5. Set up behavioural triggers that will automatically send a sequence of emails based on the individuals single or multiple actions. The triggers may include abandoned carts, subscriber failing to open past emails, failing to buy after extensive browsing and so on.
  6. Implement A/B campaigns to gain early valuable feedback about new campaign approaches with your target audience.

Orbis TaskCentre can be used to set up and run automated marketing campaigns and programs. Contact us to learn more.