WooCommerce is one of the most exciting and popular plugins for WordPress makes it easy for businesses to create an online store. While this plugin is free and proving to be an effective way of selling online, it does still create multiple jobs that are found in all ecommerce platforms, data management, and administration tasks. These time consuming and costly jobs can be improved by integrating Orbis TaskCentre and WooCommerce, improving workflow, customer services and making the most out of sale opportunities.

Many businesses will already have their own ERP, CRM or accounting systems. The main problem with WooCommerce is the costly development that is required to integrate these systems. TaskCentre is different as all it takes to integrate the two is dragging and dropping. Once completed the flow of data between the current systems and WooCommerce is automated, saving time and money.

Benefits of WooCommerce Integration

  • TaskCentre removes the need to manually move the business information within your business and accounting CRM systems as the information is gathered and exported into WooCommerce. Automation removes the risk of human errors and saves time.
  • It is possible to integrate further services and synchronise the transfer of data on top of the downloading of orders, order status and stock levels.
  • Adding courier services, product management, email tools and xml feeds are just a few that can easily be integrated.
  • TaskCentre removes the need for manual checking processes.
  • Workflow processes can be customised. Add workflow processes to receive business alerts and to receive PO requisitions so they can be processed and approved.

Woocommerce has recently added some new features that can also be integrated to make your life a whole lot easier behind the scenes. The new features include subscriptions – allowing your customers to sign up to your services or products on an ongoing basis. The bookings extension is another addition worth a mention. With Woocommerce Bookings it is possible to set up bookable products, useful for those offering services, rentals and so on.  These excellent features could provide a lot more administrative work, but only for those who have not yet integrated Orbis with their website.

Want to Know More?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about integrating TaskCentre with your WooCommerce store and current systems. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in improving your workflows. We have the time and the expertise to provide the right automated solutions to fit in with your business.