Magento provides a simple way for businesses to provide their customers with the type of services they now expect. It is chosen by many ecommerce businesses as they are able to integrate complex systems without large costs being involved. The problem with Magento is the large amount of repetitive data that needs to put added to the system. These repetitive tasks eat up time, which is why many businesses are now using Orbis Taskcentre alongside Magento.

Magento is able to record orders that are placed but employees have the task of extracting each order and import or manually rekey them into the current system. Once the orders have been placed into the software the data then needs to be added to your current courier system, requiring further administration. More work is involved too such as recording the order status and the stock levels.

Orbis Taskcentre streamlines all of these tasks, removing the need for endless data entry. Task Centre gathers and sends information between your business systems and Magento automatically – you and your employees don’t need to do a thing. This frees up time, saves money and allows your employees to work on more pressing tasks.

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