Delivery services play an essential role in the management of ecommerce businesses. This is an area that has grown rapidly, consumers are now used to shopping online and delivery services have become one of the fastest growing service markets in Britain as a result. Many businesses outsource their deliveries, often using more than one service at a time in order to satisfy the needs of the business and the customer. Some of the influencing factors that determine the type of delivery service to use include geographical destinations and fulfilment speed.

The task of processing orders is time consuming and repetitive as most of the work involved is performed manually by employees. This is where TaskCentre is able to step in and make massive improvements to the processes, thanks to automation.

Integrate Your Courier Service and Save Time

TaskCentre can be integrated with any delivery service, including Interlink Express, Parcelforce, FedEx, DHL and more. Once integrated all of the tasks can be set up to extract the orders in your business software automatically, removing the need for repetitive data entry. Once the order has been extracted it is then possible to set business rules that will then place an order with the most suitable delivery/courier provider. Your business is able to reduce costs and save time.

Dealing with Returns

Customers sometimes need to return orders and this can also be taken care of with TaskCentre. TaskCentre is able to be set up to collect the return details from the courier and put the details into your stock level management system, CRM, ERP and update your warehouse, your shops and ecommerce stores. It’s also possible to collect a large amount of data including the tracking numbers and delivery information directly from your couriers, improving the way you’re able to manage deliveries and provide up-to-date and accurate customer services. Without this automation your employees would need to spend a lot of time working on these administration tasks, both extracting the data and adding it to your systems.

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