Anyone who owns an ecommerce store needs to remember to use their own personal online shopping experiences to help drive their ambitions and reach new heights. How annoying is it to have to chase an order, to email or call a company to find out where the delivery is, to find out why it’s late or if it’s even been dispatched? Speaking to customer advisors who are unable to locate your order and being passed around from pillar to post, repeating your details, order number and explaining your concerns are frustrating to say the least. It’s stressful for the consumer, the retail employee and it reflects badly on the store.  A bad customer experience is rarely forgotten or forgiven.

Businesses collect a lot of data, yet many struggle to provide the expected level of customer service because the data is mismanaged. Inefficient information and data flow is disruptive, costly and it gives the impression that the business doesn’t care about the customer, even if that’s not true. The management of data is often performed manually, resulting in slow processes, hold ups for the customers and human errors.

Thankfully more and more online retailers are picking up on the negative responses from customers and solving the data management problems by automating their processes using Orbis TaskCentre.

Businesses are able to make smarter decisions and improve customer services using the data from customers when an order is placed.  In return for their data, customers expect to receive a prompt service, with promises kept or excelled. A good experience is rewarded with loyalty to the business.  The problem is that managing big data and using it for the benefit of the business and the customer can be costly. It requires:

  • Resources to setup and manage and move data to relevant departments and systems
  • Large online storage
  • Marketing resources to make the most of the knowledge that is gained through the information
  • Tracking technology to trace customer actions and turn it into useable data

Life is made easier through out of the box ecommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, which can be integrated with Google Analytics quickly and from there you can collect the data that is most beneficial to you and customers can enjoy an online shopping experience on your store, even if you have little knowledge of web design.

The problem of managing data and improving the speed of your services and ensuring customer orders can be quickly tracked is solved by using Orbis TaskCentre. Once integrated with your ecommerce store the data can be sorted and sent to the right departments without the need of manual inputs. The risk of human error is eliminated, your employees and your customers can easily track the progress of individual orders, steps such as order confirmations and distribution emails are automated as the data is sent through the various stages until the order arrives on the doorstep of your customer.

There’s no need for automation to cause headaches, we’re here to help you find the right solutions and set up your systems for success. Call us today to learn more.