Email lists can be built up by using a lead magnet. Encourage visitors to your website by creating a special offer or deal that will result in people handing over their email address to you. Opt-in email list building is an excellent way of building up your number of subscribers, yet many websites and blogs have failed to implement this on their blog. If you already have an opt-in list you can increase responses by creating more or different offers, encourage current subscribers by offering them something new and attracting more of an audience.

The opt-in could be a free eBook, a white paper, a pod cast, a voucher, usually some kind of PDF, you could give an infographic, work sheets or a video, a sample, free trial or course taster or even a full course or a members-only area on your website. The opt-ins could be free or discounted, or a combination of the two. Providing you give your subscribes something of value they will be willing to hand over their email address.

Email Marketing

Once you have an email list you’ll need to start your email marketing. You’re probably already sending out newsletters. If you do this manually, you’ll already know that it can take a lot of time, especially if you need to go through and organise the lists of your subscribers, ensuring the right email campaigns reach the right people at the right time. Often, businesses fail to keep up with their email marketing or fail to make it work for them, simply because of the time involved.

Thankfully there is a really easy way of managing your email subscribers and marketing efforts using an automated response system, as available on Orbis TaskCentre. You’re able to send out emails to the people who sign up to your subscription and this could be one or a chain of emails, depending on what your goals are. Once you’ve set them up you’re able to leave the emails into the queue that can then be sent out to each subscriber at the right time for the foreseeable future, or until you decide to remove the emails from your list. The types of email sequence you build is up to you, you can use them to:

* Provide information about you

* Share a course or regular snippets of information

* Keep your subscribers interested and aware of you

* Build relationships with your readers

* Driving traffic to your website

* Increase sales

* Build your brand

Before you begin working on creating automatic responses to your subscribers it’s important to think about what the goals of your website are. From there you’ll be able to set up a sequence that your visitors will appreciate. A sequence, that might be sent weekly or monthly, may include:

* A welcome email

* The free or special offer that they chose to opt-in for

* A tour of the website and social networking connections

* The benefits of being a subscriber

* Sharing the best content

* Sharing promotions

Automated responses don’t stop there. They’re extremely beneficial for even the smallest ecommerce websites as you can automate responses to orders, customer service enquiries, survey responses, dispatch and return. Set up a sequence of emails for each type of scenario and then let Orbis Taskcentre take care of everything for you, regardless of how many people place an order or sign up to your mailing list.

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