Business Process Management

Information analysis – critical for your decision making

Do you manage critical information with an abundance of spread-sheets? We can provide Business Process Management solutions to consolidate this information, make it more robust, easier and quicker to access.


White Orca South London data integration


All of which is going to help your decision-making toward achieving your business objectives.

This might just be the start of a fantastic change, starting with a simple core “data warehouse” which provides the platform for a dynamic layer of business information, providing access & reporting for each of your specific business needs.


Typical business functions across which we can provide Business Process Management solutions:

  • Sales – Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Stock Management

We offer the following Business Process Management services and products:


Business Apps

* WordPress Websites
* Magento eCommerce stores
* Mobile Apps

Professional and creative products that provide your forefront customer experience and we can tailor to your business needs for data capture and the start of your customer data journey
Scheduling, Reporting & Integration

*Codeless Platforms TaskCentre®
*MS Integrated services
*MS Reporting services
*Crystal Reports
*M:Science SMS Server®

Real-time collaborative products to provide data integration & processing, task scheduled and clear reporting on business critical information
Database solutions

*Microsoft SQL

Robust, secure and scalable database solutions that provides the backbone for your business management information. We use a mixture of on-premises and Azure provisioned platforms to cater for different environments


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