Transactional messages have high open rates. Sadly, most retailers fail to benefit from the open rates and therefore they miss out on a potentially valuable cross-selling opportunity. You’re certainly missing a trick if you have been sending out a boring generated message that includes very little information except the basic order details.

All automated (and non-automated if you haven’t invested in an automation tool such as Orbis TaskCentre) transactional messages should include the following items:

  1. Personalise the email, address each recipient by their name
  2. Thank the customer for placing an order
  3. Confirm the payment
  4. Confirm the product they have purchased
  5. Provide specific information regarding the delivery and include the tracking links if applicable.
  6. Include related products so customers can quickly place additional orders without any difficulties
  7. Include customer service information and/or links and phone numbers
  8. Include a link to your FAQs on your website
  9. Invite your customer to your social media community
  10. Create post purchase programs that send automatically after the confirmation of order email. These emails could include asking for a review, sending support tips and additional items that fit in with their preferences

Use the tips above to help build your brand, increase loyalty and improve sales and enhance the customer experience.