Web based?

We like to create sustainable solutions – if we create a bespoke application for a client, they may want to maintain it themselves with internal skills and web technology lends itself very nicely to that scenario without the complexity of introducing the necessary hardware to host the application

Bespoke vs off-the-shelf

Why trade off a custom solution against the benefit of off-the-shelf products when you can have both?

We like hybrid solutions, where you get the benefits of well established software & a final business solution that feels like a bespoke product tailor-made for your own business.

Internal or External?

This has always been a hot debate that we have had ourselves and with many clients – the benefit of accessing your application or information from anywhere weighed up against locking it away behind the security of a heavily firewalled company network.

No more! Security has become more granular & client-based, and with combinations of stable, secure cloud services and increased awareness, focus & practice of security-conscious web-development techniques, operating in the cloud has become a secure and practical reality

But what about our customer information?

Integration services have come a long way and are still evolving. The maturity of web services has provided a platform of growth for tools such as Orbis Taskcentre which features web service connectivity in its repertoire making the software a key player in any businesses process management and system integration.

What can you do and how can we help?

  1. Identify your business objectives – what will the application achieve?
  2. Recognise the target audience – who will be the primary users and where will they be accessing from
  3. Review how the application will interface with your existing IT systems & the location of those systems
  4. Work with us to assess, design & implement the most appropriate solution for your scenario


A hybrid approach to your IT systems isn’t such a scary prospect; providing accessible, sustainable and customisable holistic systems – every CIOs dream.