Reporting Made Easy with Orbis

Reporting takes time, it’s prone to human errors and it can be hard to keep track of. Many reports are performed manually, sent to different departments in unsightly spreadsheets. That information can be difficult to navigate and to take away the valuable data that can make a difference to the success and failure of campaigns, products, sales, marketing and even the business as a whole.

Now imagine a world where the reports of all your KPIs and other vital metrics were sent directly to your inbox each Monday morning (or any specified day and time frame you prefer) in an easy to read format for you to evaluate and use. There’s no need to imagine it because that is what Orbis is doing for managers and business owners all over the world.

Orbis TaskCentre removes the need to gather the information yourself, once integrated and configured the reports are create automatically. There’s no need to spend your time or allocate that time to your employees as the management software does it all for you. Human error risks are reduced, spreadsheets become obsolete and you’re able to make sense of and share the reports with the various departments, shareholders and anyone else who needs the information.

That’s how easy reporting can be when you have Orbis on your side. Interested? Contact us today to learn more about Orbis, the complete business process management software that will change your business operations for the better.