How to Be More Visible to Your Customers

Businesses attract customers by ensuring they know what it is they are offering and how the services or products will aid the customer. This is why visibility is important, why would anyone buy something if they don’t know what it is or anything about it? They wouldn’t. Visibility helps businesses to attract and retain customers, but how can visibility be achieved? We have five tips that won’t eat into your marketing budget and will help you to improve your visibility.

Email Marketing

Email doesn’t cost the earth and it’s a useful way of increasing sales and reaching out directly to your customers. It doesn’t take long to create and release an email campaign and as long as the content you’re sharing is relevant you can increase response rates and revenue. Remember that the email campaigns need to be opted in to – never send spam and work out the right frequency to email your list based on your customers.

Be Social

Many businesses have set up profiles on social networks but fail to make use of them. Social media allows you the opportunity to target your audience and help them to get to know you better. There’s no need to be active on all the networks, get to know where your customers are and increase your activity on these sites. Remember that social networking is your opportunity to let your customers know about your business, the people who work for you, your ethics and your products too.

Reward Customer Loyalty

You want customers to keep returning to you time and time again. Creating a loyalty program and actively promoting it will help you to remain visible and keep your customers coming back to you rather than visiting your competitors.  Provide rewards to your customers for signing up to the loyalty program and then graduate the incentives for the best customers – the more they buy the better the rewards.

Share Your Expertise

Become an authority in your industry. Who knows your business better than you? This is your chance to use your voice, entertain, inform and educate your audience. Write articles, create a blog, use social networking and email marketing as your outlets.

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