Microsoft Dynamics & Magento Integration Case Study

About Fish4Dogs:
Fish4Dogs is an independent dog food manufacturer based in rural worcestershire. The idea behind Fish4Dogs was to use, productively, waste from the fish industry. They use that Omega3 rich fish to make a range of super premium natural food and treats for dogs and cats.

The Challenge:
Fish4Dogs operated a consumer website selling to the public, wholesale and retail sectors alike. They wanted to create a B2B trade site specifically for their retail customers enabling them to manage a different set of clients and promotions. We knew that there would be a fair amount of integration required with the site so we decided Magento was the best platform due to the available API .The site was built using a standard template customised to the clients branding, incorporating a large number of extensions and bespoke elements.

Orbis TaskCentreOrbis TaskCentre – Integration:
Fish4Dogs use Microsoft Dynamics Nav as their backend ERP system and their process calls for hourly imports of customer and order information for processing through to the distribution department. To achieve this we used Orbis TaskCentre’s suite of tools to interact with and automate the Magento integration via a web service, create XML downloads specifically formatted to the required layout for MS Dynamics. These XML files are created hourly and saved to an ftp folder so they can be error checked prior to Dynamics automatically importing them. This process is easily done directly from Orbis to Dynamics but Fish4Dogs required an interim human check.

In addition to the downloads we use Orbis to add value to the site registration process by managing a bespoke customer approval process and a variety of customer and admin notifications triggered by activity via Magento web service.

Key Learning Points:
Magento is very flexible but requires a large amount of developer input to mould that flexibility to your specific needs. There are numerous web service calls available but they don’t necessarily share consistent logic. The beauty of using Orbis alongside Magento is that we could take the standard web service calls and transform the output using TaskCentre’s web service connector.

Lasting benefits:
The site provides an effective sales platform for the retail side of the business, however the introduction of Orbis TaskCentre provides key integration capability in a scalable platform that can be used across all other systems and web services Fish4Dogs may have.

Further information about Orbis TaskCentre:
Orbis TaskCentre is a suite of Business Process Management tools that can be used to provide simple drag and drop integration with systems such as finance packages, ERP systems, web services and bespoke databases.

We use Orbis powered solutions to integrate with WooCommerce, SalesForce, Kentico, Sage Accounts, Dream, Kx, social media web services and in-house databases. In essence we use Orbis to bridge any gaps and ensure client systems ‘talk to each other’.

What Fish4Dogs have to say:
“White Orca designed a bespoke ecommerce site for our trade customers at, The project was more of a challenge, as we already run a B2C site. This facility needed to be kept entirely separate from our consumer website, and have its own distinct identity in order to avoid channel confusion.

What impressed us the most was that White Orca were able to tailor their solution exactly to our requirements. They were able to implement bespoke features that were important to a B2B site such as a robust sign-up & customer approval process, password protected areas, promotional facilities, automated email responses, seamless integration into our ERP system, and much more.

On a professional and personal level, the guys at White Orca were a pleasure to deal with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The project was delivered to our requirements, on time and on budget. Since launch, our B2B sales have continued to grow, and White Orca continue to provide necessary support when needed.” Jason Magretton Web Manager


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